SURJ Action Upcoming Trainings

This spring, in response to requests from SURJ's national accountability partners in the Movement for Black Lives that white people become more visible in fights for racial justice, we're creating resources to support SURJ groups in growing our ability to design powerful actions and creative campaigns.

We've set-up a series of training calls to support local SURJ groups to dig deeper. Check them out and RSVP for each one below. All calls will be recorded and shared with registrants.




Upcoming Training Calls:

All calls are 8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT

Monday, July 18 - All-Chapter Call: Fundraising for Movement Building (Register Here)

Tuesday, July 26 - Workshopping Challenges to Bringing New People Into Your Group (Register Here)

Wednesday, July 27 - Facebook for Organizers (Register Here)

Monday, August 1 - Deep Canvass: July Report from the Field (Register Here)


Questions? Email our Organizing Director Erin Heaney at


Past Calls:



Feb. 23: Holding 1-on-1 Meetings (Recording)

March 29: Workshopping Base-Building Challenges (Recording)


Campaigns & Direct Actions 

3/30: Preparing to Take Bold Action- Mapping Your Action Comfort Zone 

Which actions are we most comfortable with, now? What are other actions that we could incorporate into our actions repertoire, but might feel a little out of reach? We're encouraging SURJ groups to use the ActionComfort Zone tool at an upcoming meeting, and to share reflections on this conference call. We'll also offer suggestions and support for growing the range of our action comfort zones. Click here for a suggested 50-minute exercise using that tool.


Study & Struggle Series: Organizing to End the New Jim Crow with author Daniel Hunter

SURJ was excited to partner with author Daniel Hunter, who was commissioned by Michelle Alexander to write a companion booklet to The New Jim Crow. We invited SURJ groups to form action working groups, to explore taking action through the lens of the groups profiled in this 60-page booklet. Daniel graciously agreed to appear on three conference calls - one for each chapter of the booklet - to discuss lessons we can take away from campaigns against mass incarceration, and he has agreed to sell & ship books to SURJ chapters at a special rate. Click here to read more about the booklet and to order copies for your SURJ group. Register by clicking on each link below. If you have questions, contact

4/20 - Chapter 1: Four Roles in Social Movements w/Daniel Hunter (Recording)

Chapter 1 looks at different roles played in movements, examining our own strengths and those of others.

5/4 - Chapter 2: Building Strong Groups w/Daniel Hunter (Recording)

Chapter 2 focuses on building strong groups. Groups generate social power and are a building block of movement work.

5/18 : Chapter 3: Creating Effective Campaigns w/Daniel Hunter (Recording)

Chapter 3 examines creating change through campaigns. Campaigns harness the power of groups and direct that power toward a single goal. With intention and focus, campaigns create pressure to enact specific, concrete changes. By making these changes, we can chip away at the larger oppressive system and hone our ability to transform society.