There's so much more than Trump...

10931129_10152965530080351_1926198284483201922_n.jpgIf you’re like me, you’re on the edge of your seat. News reports are charged with fear, and the tension is ratcheting up. Alarmingly, Donald Trump’s horrific new proposal to ban all Muslims from traveling to the United States has brought him even more support.

I live in northern Virginia, where I organize with a SURJ chapter that is only a few months old. Last week we learned that Trump was planning a racist rally in our area. We knew we needed to act. And we knew that this action would be the biggest physical risk our SURJ chapter had taken yet.

With students of color, we disrupted Donald Trump in Virginia. Days later, SURJ members in North Carolina joined a multi-racial action that shut Trump down. We are proving that white people can and do show up for racial justice, even in situations that put us at physical risk.

You and I know that taking bold action and breaking white silence will help us get free from fear and hatred. It’s times like these that make me so grateful for SURJ.

Every month I make a monthly donation to SURJ, because I know how important this work is to me. Will you join me and chip in?


Yes, I can give monthly.

Sorry, I can’t.

This month, SURJ is rolling out membership for the first time. To be a powerful and nimble force for racial justice, SURJ needs to be able to count on individuals like you and me for financial support. SURJ is asking each of us to become a member by making a monthly donation of $5 or more, or giving a one-time donation of $60 or more, ensuring the consistent and sustained support this movement needs. I’m giving a monthly donation to SURJ because I know we are making a difference.

It’s up to us to make sure this moment brings about deep and lasting change. We know that this is a time for action, and so we’ve marched, taken risky public actions, knocked on doors, signed petitions, and had difficult conversations with friends and family.

And we’ve seen the promise that our work holds. We know that if we act together, we can build a movement that unites millions of white people to act against racism. As part of SURJ’s national network, our group is able to push our work far beyond Virginia. We can coordinate with white activists in rural communities in Arkansas, or join a day of action that stretches from coast to coast. SURJ makes that kind of broad, national collaboration possible, and articulates a guiding set of principles from which to launch our local efforts and constantly updates us on what's needed from Black organizers and Black-led organizations throughout the country.

Will you join me in ensuring that SURJ continues to have the resources needed to stand up to Trump AND build for the long haul?

Yes, I can give monthly.

Sorry, I can’t.

One thing we know is that Black-led organizations need is financial support, so we ask all SURJ's donors (that’s gonna be you!) to give an equal sized donation to a Black-led racial justice organization. If you would like a suggestion, check out this list. 

Thank you for taking action to grow SURJ and our movement for racial justice,

Cayce Utley

Northern Virginia Showing Up for Racial Justice (NoVA SURJ)