The Other America

I am so proud of the ways my working class white parents have confronted racism and I want to show the same to my two children. I know we won’t end white supremacy in my kids’ lifetimes, but we can develop a movement that makes considerable gains now and develops another generation of leaders.

I work with SURJ Action because we are building white racial justice movement leaders. Will you join me in giving $5 a month to SURJ Action today?

ZoeMarch.jpgAnne Braden, a white anti-racist Southern activist, talked about how there has always been the ‘Other America’ working for racial  justice; our work is to make it attractive to bring more white people into the movement.

In Denver, we organized a March Towards the Other America to involve our children in an action to build the type of country we want them to live in. We wanted to make a bold statement to our neighbors that we are taking action for racial justice and we oppose the racist rhetoric that Trump and other presidential candidates have been using.

Trump is inciting and uncovering racism. One of his slogans is “Make America Great Again”. But for many of us, America has never been great. This country was built on colonialism, racism, and capitalism. And there has always been resistance, largely led by people of color.  

Will you join me in helping build the Other America by giving $5 each month?

SURJ members across the country have been organizing to build the Other America. But SURJ hasn’t been able to provide all of the support that chapters and affiliates need because of restrictions that come with being a 501(c)(3). SURJ Action has been formed to further our racial justice goals by responding strategically in this political moment as a 501(c)(4) organization.

Please join me as a founding donor of SURJ Action – the c4 arm of SURJ – and give $5 a month to stop Trump.

I want my kids to understand that racism has hurt our family, too - not in the same way as it impacts people of color - but by keeping us from building powerful alliances across race in working class communities.  

Some people thought Trump had no chance at winning.  With a Trump presidency becoming more possible, it’s time to deepen our strategy to call in white people, shifting our hearts and minds toward racial justice.  

Contributions to SURJ Action are not tax-deductible; they support our 501(c)4 political, advocacy and lobbying efforts.

Towards the Other America,

Zoë Williams

P.S. As part of SURJ Actions’ commitment and accountability to people of color-led racial justice work, we ask all donors (that’s me and you!) to give an equal or greater gift to a people of color-led racial justice organization. If you want a suggestion, check out this list.

1. Photo Credit to Katy Owens Photography