SURJ Deep Canvass

Our work as white people is to move into white communities and undo racism where it exists. Part of our work is building a powerful base of white people that people of color-led movements can align with to win real change.

In this political moment, we must do more than just recruit those who are already with us. We must go out and change the hearts and minds of those who are not with us yet - those who are conflicted about or actively opposed to racial justice. We must be actively competing with the far right and white supremacist for Trump's base.

In 2016, SURJ is launching an organizing program to experiment with deep canvass as one way to achieve this goal. Deep canvass draws on practices that we know from door-to-door community organizing. This process was developed based on years of organizing experimentation and is grounded in the lessons learned from the unsuccessful fight against the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 in California, and applied in the winning gay marriage campaign in Minnesota and on abortion in Maine.

We're launching pilots in Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia in the summer of 2016.

We'll be sharing our learning out with the network twice during the project. Join us by registering for one of both of our Field Reports.


SURJ Canvass in Cleveland, OH

June 30th at 8 EST

August 1st at 8 EST

Interested in bringing deep canvass to your community? Email our organizing director, Erin, at for more information!