Success stories


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Story #1:

I was having a conversation with someone who was my favorite instructor at my community college. She has worked in rural communities and had to move to an urban area for better medical care. I was really surprised to learn she was considering supporting Trump. The first time we talked about it, I decided to just listen to her. She told me she was leaning toward supporting Trump because she was worried about more taxes and less jobs, particularly thinking about the town she had to leave. The next time we talked, I started by agreeing with her concerns, and asking how she thought Trump might fix them. This was the hardest part, because I didn’t want her to feel like I was talking down to her or attacking her. After talking through what we both knew about Trump, she admitted she was unsure. I told her about what made me scared of Trump. I was careful to emphasize the things I find truly offensive and terrifying such as his comments about Muslims and immigrants, and not the things I disagree with him about. She agreed that Trump’s racism and xenophobia are really terrifying, so I asked if she thought it was worth risking having him in office. She thought about it for a long time, and decided the answer was no. She told me she isn’t sure who she will vote for, but she will not support Trump.




Story #2:

I’m in a cab into NYC.  I’m talking to the driver -- a beautiful soul. He tells me he supports Trump. I ask questions and listen. Trump says what's on his mind. Trump isn't afraid. What does he talk about that is important to you? I ask. Jobs he says. He will bring back the jobs. But what about what he says about immigrants? I ask? About Muslims? He answers I am Muslim. I tell him I am shocked but we continue to talk and share. I tell him I support Bernie. Much listening with my heart. I say I don't think Trump cares about the people who work for him --those that made him rich. This matters to him. He says he usually votes democrat but he's been struggling so much with so little work. I thank him for being my teacher. He thanks me and says he hadn't thought about those that work in Trump tower. He asks me to pray for him. I say I will.


Story #3:

I’ve been talking to one of my former high school classmates about Trump. She is a very conservative Christian, but has always been willing to have conversations with me (a radical queer witch). We are both parents, and have a love of crafts, so that seems to connect us. When we started talking, I gave her a lot of time to talk about her political views and her values as a Christian. I acknowledged where we agreed and also that we don’t share a lot of those beliefs without arguing about them. My hope is that this time helped her feel heard. Then I began talking about my concerns as a parent. I said something to the effect of, “I don’t think any family should have to worry about their children’s safety because they practice a certain religion or someone believes they are an immigrant, and that is what is happening. When someone as powerful as Trump has become says the things he does, that happens over and over again.” We’ve talked several times since then, and she has said that she questions whether or not it is in line with her values to support the Trump campaign.


Have a story of your own about calling another person in through conversation on Trump or the elections?  Please share it with us at