SURJ Action Is Hiring!

SURJ Action is hiring a full-time organizer in Ohio to build support for the Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment, and Rehabilitation ballot initiative. Click through to the full post to read more!

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SURJ Action July 4th Racial Justice Placemat

A placemat guide for holiday discussions on Trump, racism and justice with loved ones.


Tips for talking to families:

-- Breathe.

-- Listen mindfully before formulating a thoughtful response

-- Ask questions when people express strong opinions

-- Affirm. Clarify the difference between good intentions and the impact

-- Speak from a place of mutual interest, sharing personal experiences, vulnerability & emotions

Download the placemat here

Download a black and white placemat here

Want to talk about how your conversations go?  Join our facebook discussion group to share tips and strategies for talking about Trump, hate and racism.


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What is the work of white people?

Our Cleveland SURJ Chapter was only three days old when we were to go into white neighborhoods to talk about the police killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice. At first, we hesitated because of insecurity that we were going to mess up or do more harm than good. Ultimately, our chapter clarified that the basic work of SURJ is white people talking with other white people about racial justice.

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The Other America

I am so proud of the ways my working class white parents have confronted racism and I want to show the same to my two children. I know we won’t end white supremacy in my kids’ lifetimes, but we can develop a movement that makes considerable gains now and develops another generation of leaders.

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When Trump Came to My Community

Growing up poor in a small Wisconsin town, I had a hard time recognizing my white privilege. I know intimately the experience of not having money or things that other kids have. It was always clear to me we were poor - and harder to recognize the comfort and safety I got from being white. I was also not someone who followed politics, I rarely took a stance on anything, and I tended to follow the rules.

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Tucson SURJ responds to Trump

Just one day before he came, it was confirmed that Trump would be appearing in Tucson – March 19th. SURJ Tucson supporters had planned to travel to Phoenix to be a part of the rally and action there but when we found out he would come to Tucson we changed our plans. We put out the word to the SURJ list as well as the broader activist community. We invited people to gather that morning to paint signs and to meet up later in the day at Armory Park to walk together to the Tucson Convention Center, where Trump would speak.

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Chicago SURJ responds to Trump

A SURJ Chicago Take on the Trump Rally that Never Was.

By now there’s been a lot of coverage and sharing of what happened in Chicago when Trump was blocked from having a rally in our town. The SURJ Chicago group joined thousands of other protestors to turn up and say no to his brand of hate and racism in our town.


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How to host an anti-Islamophobia House Party

White folks, which side are we on?

The Islamophobic and anti-refugee rhetoric spouted by political players and their followers is not harmless, and not to be ignored. As a result of these violent words, Muslims and Arabs (and those who are perceived to be) are being attacked and harassed in American streets, and anti-refugee policies are threatening the lives of those who are facing crises in their home countries and seeking asylum. We know that this is only the latest flare-up of deep-rooted racism, anti-immigrant sentiment, and Islamophobia in this country, and while there is a current increase of attacks, this is not a new phenomenon.

To order yard signs, click here.

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Next Steps to stop Racism and Hatred in the Elections

Thanks to everyone who joined the Stop Racism and Hatred in the Elections Call last week and those who wanted to but were unable to be on the call. 

Below are the audio recording, notes, and links to each of the next steps. We apologize to anyone who was unable to get on the call, there were some technical difficulties. We greatly appreciate how many people signed up and look forward to working with you more.

Please join us on FacebookTwitter and join SURJ to stay up-to-date.

You can find notes from the call here. or download them as a pdf

The audio recording from the call is here


We see three primary strategies for the election cycle:

  1. Stop Trump and any little Trumps. Research and identify corporate targets that can hurt him financially or anyone who helps him. Attack anyone who enables him.

  2. Interrupt and Polarize. Disruptions are agitating the public to choose and side, many of them want to move off the sidelines. We have to keep disrupting events and offering a more focused targeting as we do so. Using opportunities like the RNC, the DNC and potential national targets as an opportunity to further disrupt the mainstream narrative. Check out coverage of Groundwork and SURJ in the New York Times disrupting in Wisconsin March 28th.

  3. Engage and move white people into action- through house parties, national canvas days, family actions, faith actions, etc.
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SURJ Action Upcoming Trainings

This spring, in response to requests from SURJ's national accountability partners in the Movement for Black Lives that white people become more visible in fights for racial justice, we're creating resources to support SURJ groups in growing our ability to design powerful actions and creative campaigns.

We've set-up a series of training calls to support local SURJ groups to dig deeper. Check them out and RSVP for each one below. All calls will be recorded and shared with registrants.
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