Next Steps to stop Racism and Hatred in the Elections

Thanks to everyone who joined the Stop Racism and Hatred in the Elections Call last week and those who wanted to but were unable to be on the call. 

Below are the audio recording, notes, and links to each of the next steps. We apologize to anyone who was unable to get on the call, there were some technical difficulties. We greatly appreciate how many people signed up and look forward to working with you more.

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You can find notes from the call here. or download them as a pdf

The audio recording from the call is here


We see three primary strategies for the election cycle:

  1. Stop Trump and any little Trumps. Research and identify corporate targets that can hurt him financially or anyone who helps him. Attack anyone who enables him.

  2. Interrupt and Polarize. Disruptions are agitating the public to choose and side, many of them want to move off the sidelines. We have to keep disrupting events and offering a more focused targeting as we do so. Using opportunities like the RNC, the DNC and potential national targets as an opportunity to further disrupt the mainstream narrative. Check out coverage of Groundwork and SURJ in the New York Times disrupting in Wisconsin March 28th.

  3. Engage and move white people into action- through house parties, national canvas days, family actions, faith actions, etc.


Groundwork and SURJ members take action against Trump, Janesville, WI, March 28, 2016


Action Steps

Action #1: Will you engage at least one other white person each week in conversations and dialogue about race and the Presidential Election.

How to do it: We've created some tools for having these conversations

    1. Conversation Guide
    2. Success Stories
    3. Join our Facebook Group

Action #2: Outreach- Will you join our racial justice canvass to reach other white people in a white neighborhood April 30-May 1st?

How to do it: Gather 5 friends and join us for one of our two up-coming prep calls:

                       --- Wednesday, April 13th, 8pm ET/ 7pm CT/ 6pm MT/ 5pm PT- Register here

                       --- Thursday, April 21th, 8pm ET/ 7pm CT/ 6pm MT/ 5pm PT- Register here


Action #3: If you are a part of a faith community, with you engage them in action April 30- May 1st? 

How to do it: Sign our pledge of resistance and mark the faith option.  We'll be in touch shortly about upcoming calls and action opportunities. 


Action #4: Will you donate to support all this work? SURJ is offering direct action trainings, action coaching, media and communications and logistical support for actions being planned in a dozen states.  Will you give to support this important work? 

 How to do it: Click here to make a donation to SURJ. 


Other actions:



Talking Points/ Messaging:

A couple of key points to keep in mind while talking about the massacre at the AME Church, Dylan Stone Roof and this moment:

For working class people:

  • Trump is a Billionaire trying to pit poor people against each other. But we’re not buying it.
  • Other poor people don’t cause our problems, people making money off us like Trump do.
  • It wasn’t a Mexican who stole your job, that was the auto industry moving overseas. It wasn’t a Black person who foreclosed your home, that was Fannie May and the big banks.

Rejecting racism and hate:

  • Trump is running on a platform that divides us at a time when we need to come together. Together, we could make it so the economy doesn’t work just for billionaires like him. Together, we can make this a country where we all can get ahead.
  • But Trump doesn’t actually care about us. That’s why he’s using racism and scare tactics. He’s selling cheap politics and fake solutions and we don’t have to buy them.
  • Donald Trump is running on a platform of racism, hate, and dangerous intolerance.
  • As a white person, I am showing up against the climate of hate, racism and violence, that Trump is promoting. Me and other white people are breaking white silence. We are showing up for our own humanity and standing with the people at the center of Trump’s attacks: black people, immigrants and Muslims.


Hate crimes

  • This isn’t just about his beliefs, this is about the violence he’s encouraging. Whether it’s people suckerpunching at his rallies or neighbors killing neighbors, Trump is not just a candidate, he’s stirring up physically dangerous people.
  • We will not stand these hate crimes fueled by Trumps kind of hateful rhetoric in our state.


For social media, please use the follow hashtags:

#NoHateInOurState  #HostForHate and #StopTrump