SURJ Action Kit for Standouts & Recruitment at Campaign Events

What is this kit for?

This kit will help you and your SURJ group take action during the 2016 election year. 

Thanks to the hard-fought efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement and its allies, issues of racism and racial inequity are major topics of discussion for the electorate. At the same time, candidates like Donald Trump and others are fanning the flames of racial hatred and fear for political gain. One thing is clear: SURJ needs to be involved in the electoral space.

Electoral events like debates, forums, town halls, and conventions provide opportunities to elevate demands about dismantling structural racism and to tell the story of SURJ’s work. Campaign events are also good opportunities to grow SURJ chapters through outreach, recruitment, and calling-in conversation, since politically active members of the public are mobilized by the electoral season. 

This kit describes the steps to plan, prepare, execute, and follow-up on “standouts” outside electoral events (local & national, Republican, & Democrat), both for recruitment purposes and as a newsworthy actions or protests that tells the story of structural racism and SURJ’s work to combat it.



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